Bio Organic Tomato Sauce

Our “Passata” is obtained trough few and simple steps; a tomato of our land (the low Salento in Puglia) naturally matured on the tree, harvested washed and crushed the same day, bottled and pasteurised. Only in this way you can obtain a high quality product that maintain unchanged all the organoleptic properties of the fresh fruit, a product like the Antica Masseria del Fano is capable of The tomato is rich of antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts.

passata di pomodoro 1 - Masseria Fano

Lycopene, of which the tomato is very rich, and that give to it the characteristic red colour, give a big variety of advantages to our body and to our health, like liver protection, counteract osteoporosis, to prevent arteriosclerosis and a more efficient protection from UV lights, superior to the famous beta carotene.

Pasteurised product, without preserving components, commercially sterile.
Stir through hot pasta. If you prefer add some grated cheese and fresh basil.

– Bio Organic Tomato Sauce, 0.75 Lt. can
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