Living Experiences

The concierge service of Masseria Fano takes care of the preferences and needs of its guests, such as personal care services, those relating to physical well-being and entertainment. In fact, there are several activities planned in the area such as diving, boat excursions, horseback riding, trekking, massages, wine and extra virgin olive oil tastings, as well as the selection of the best restaurants.

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Masseria Fano rises in a unique historical-natural setting. The area is ideal for trekking, nature walks in the woods, visiting the gorge of the Canale del Fano and its sheep tracks. Also you can admire the sea from the tops of its hills.

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Boat Tour

The marine caves of Santa Maria di Leuca are one of the most evocative places on the Salento peninsula. Guided tours with our skipper are dedicated to relaxation and the discovery of the wonderful blue caves of Leuca.

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Allowing yourself time for your psycho-physical balance outside the daily rhythms, with the treatments and massages that Masseria Fano offers are ideal for getting back to feeling fit.

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Horse Riding

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Wine tasting

Tasting the wines we produce is our specialty. Surrounded by stumps and espaliers wine we tell the story of the vines of Masseria Fano, it will take our guests on a journey in the distinctive features of our territory in the name of conviviality.

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Extra virgin olive oil tasting